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I never thought that a rehab could be that personal, but New York’s Recovery From Addiction took the time and gave me the attention that I needed. Today I am sober and I have not relapsed. I was fearful that I would go back to drugs, but what I learned in treatment made all the difference. -Luanne K.

I’ve been to many rehabs. The treatment never worked so I had to keep going back. One day I found Recovery For Addiction. They were the first rehab to help me understand the true cause of my addiction. Thanks to them I was really able to break the addiction cycle. You changed my life. I am a new man all because I called Recovery For Addiction.-Frankie S.

Alcohol was my entire focus. I lived to drink and sold whatever I owned to get my next fix. My family made a choice to get me help. They called Recovery from Addiction in New York and they learned how to do an intervention. I am so glad they called. They got me to go to rehab when no one else could. I am grateful that Freedom from Addiction was there for us.-Larry B.

Long Island Alcohol & Drug Rehab Leads You to Sobriety

You have located the best drug and alcohol rehab that Long Island has to offer. You can get all the treatment you need at our accredited rehab facility. Whether it is dual diagnosis, medical detox or alcoholism, we have the best residential rehab for you. Call Recovery for Addiction today. Change is within your reach

Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Do you find yourself drinking morning, noon and night to keep from getting intense nausea? Do you struggle with getting through your workday without sneaking in a drink or two or three? Are you making excuses to your family and friends? It's time to face the truth; you're sick and you need help now. Long Island alcohol rehab is here for you when you need us the most.

Come to us to get sober in our detox program. Eliminate the dangerous and deadly toxins from your body while under the care of our excellent medical staff. Learn the skills needed to stay sober in our alcohol rehab. Work with the best addiction and mental health professionals in the country. Make the choice that will change your life forever; call us and start your recovery today!

Drug Rehab Treatment

It doesn't matter if your drugs come from a doctor or if you use illicit drugs. The reality is that drugs cause harm and destruction. You need the help and support of a drug rehab to get you out of the trap of addiction.

When you call Long Island drug rehab, you embark on a life-changing journey. You are taken care of by our doctors, nurses and psychiatrists while you complete detox. After you cleanse your body of the toxins left by the drugs, you are ready for drug rehab treatment. Learn about the disease of addiction and how to manage it. After you complete treatment, you are ready for a life free from drugs

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The more you self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, the worse your depression and anxiety gets. Stop the madness and call Long Island dual diagnosis rehab. Work with the best mental health and addiction professionals in the field. Let our team create a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. Don't settle for a rehab that forces you into a mold. Long Island dual diagnosis rehab works with your unique situation. Call us now and start working toward a stable and healthy life.

Medical Detox

Your addiction to drugs and alcohol can make you think that everything is under control, but the truth is that everything is falling apart. You can't "safely" use drugs. Your body and mind slowly deteriorate. No matter what you tell yourself, there is no amount of drugs and alcohol that can solve your problems and bring you the happiness you desire. The only happiness you will find is in sobriety. Long Island’s professional medical detox can save your life.

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